John Baird Rogers & Matt Goldman
hosted by Rob Jung (8-25-2023)

Apologies to Rob Jung, who we named by mistake “Young” in the video!

JOHN BAIRD ROGERS has always been a story teller, and utilizes his background in finance, technology and biotech in his books. He is working presently on a trilogy built around two divergent characters, Joe Mayfield and Louise (Weezy) Napolitano. His fiction is in the mystery, thriller genre.

MATT GOLDMAN is an Emmy Award winning television writer who became a NY Times Best-selling author. He has been nominated for the Shamus Award, among others, crafted the Nils Shapiro detective series, and recently diverted to the newly acclaimed, “A Good Family,” a family drama/mystery.

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hosted by Rob Jung (8-25-2023)

Julie Holmes & Shawn Otto

JULIE HOLMES is an award-winning mystery novelist, as well as the President of the MN chapter of Sisters in Crime, a professional organization of writers of mystery and thriller novels. Many of MN’s male authors are also members of the organization. Julie’s background includes computer skills.

SHAWN OTTO, is a writer who has won awards in several genres. He has authored an award-winning book,  The War on Science, a literary crime novel, Sins of Our Fathers, and was nominated for an Academy Award for his screenplay for  The House of Sand and Fog. He has also won a national award for elevating science in American public dialogue.

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Brian Lutterman & Jeffrey Burton

BRIAN LUTTERMAN is a retired corporate attorney who boasts that he was “a Minnesota farm kid.” Lutterman decided to use his expertise by creating the “corporate thriller,” and his main character in the series is Pen Wilkinson, a sassy, whip-smart paraplegic attorney who uses her wits to outsmart some of the corporate world’s sleaziest characters. Lutterman has won many awards.

JEFFREY BURTON and his family live with three dogs, and they have always been a “dog” family, but it was still somewhat of a surprise that he crafted a series of thrillers in which the main character, ostensibly, is a cadaver dog which exhibits ultra-sensory characteristics enabling her owner/trainer to solve crimes in this K-9 mystery series, accompanied by other family dogs.

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Carl Brookins & William Kent Krueger

CARL BROOKINS is one of Minnesota’s senior novelists. Formerly a faculty member at Metropolitan State University, Carl is an avid sailor, and his novels not only take place on the seas, but he has also authored a series of thrillers. He is also the member of numerous crime writers groups, including Minnesota Mystery night, and Mystery Writers of America.

WILLIAM KENT KRUEGER, one of Minnesota’s pre-eminent writers, and a New York Times bestselling author of several books, has won a national Edward Award, among numerous awards and accomplishments. He is also the author of the popular Cork O’Connor mystery series, which now totals nineteen acclaimed books, plus five stand alone books, one of which will be published shortly.

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Assembling a TV show requires a lot of work, as well as a financial involvement for a myriad of costs.

We are so pleased to announce that CALUMET EDITIONS, an Edina-based publisher of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, and HEIMIE’S HABERDASHERY of St. Paul, a one-stop shop for both men’s and women’s clothes of distinction, have come forward to sponsor WRITER’S CORNER, recognizing its value to the TV viewing public.

The program, only in its second month in May, 2023, is now airing in 35 cities in Minnesota on local public TV channels, on this website, as well as on YouTube.

Alan Miller, Producer