David Housewright & Matt Goldman   (5-17-2024)

DAVID HOUSEWRIGHT and MATT GOLDMAN are two of Minnesota’s most successful and respected writers. Both appeared on Writers Corner during its debut year in 2023, and they returned on May 17th, 2024 with Alan for the monthly session.

Coincidentally, both have books coming out with “water” in the title: Matt’s “Still Waters” to be released on May 28th, and is set in northern Minnesota. David’s “Man in the Water” will debut on June 25th, and is the 21st volume in that series.

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Chris Norbury & Linda Morrison (4-19-2024)

CHRIS NORBURY authors the Matt Lanier series, thrillers about a musician who constantly gets involved in intrigue. Much of the action takes places in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters, where Norbury spends much time solo canoeing.

LINDA MORRISON is the author of “Dear Heroin: A Memoir of Goodbyes” an inspirational story of the addiction and suicide of her adult son, and how she has learned to cope with it and go on with her life.

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Susan Thurston & James Bennets   (3-22-2024)

SUSAN THURSTON and JAMES BENNETTS joined Alan Miller in the first interview from our new studio in Eagan, on March 22, 2024.

Susan is a return visitor, working on a new novel to follow her award-winning “Sister of Grendel,” which introduced a new character to the classic “Beowulf.” She is also an accomplished poet.

James’ second novel, “Catechism” is an ambitious thriller/mystery which takes on some of the scandals of the Catholic Church, and he, also, is working on a new novel.

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Mike Faricy and Christine Husom   (2-23-2024)

CHRISTINE HUSOM is a national best-selling author and has just published the 10th volume in her Winnebago County Mystery series, Deputy #714 is Down. She has also published four previous books and appeared on the first “Writers Corner” telecast.

MIKE FARICY is a prolific author who has written four different crime series, and a total of over 70 books, has been referred to as the Master of the Bizarre. He divides his time between Minnesota and Dublin, Ireland.

Together they discussed the techniques they employ in their writing, and shared some of their writing secrets.

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Chris Hewitt, Star Tribune     (1-19-2024)

Chris Hewitt, who has worked for the Pioneer Press and Star Tribune publications, is the Book Editor at the Star Tribune, where he also writes movie reviews. Chris gave an interesting interview with Alan, covering everything from the hundreds of books he receives to review, how he selects the ones which he reviews, and talked about some of his favorite books. He is not reluctant to mention that a book disappoints him after a reading.

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